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Adopt A Potter

It takes many years to train a studio potter.
It always has done!
Unfortunately many of our art colleges are finding it difficult to offer throwing in any meaningful way, so it's more important than ever for any student who wishes to make functional and studio pots to have the opportunity of an apprenticeship.
ADOPT A POTTER, I believe is a simple idea, a way of helping to secure the future of studio potters.
I have personally funded and trained some 10 apprentices to date; the sale of mugs, and small standard ware goes some way currently to paying the stipend wage.
ADOPT A POTTER takes it a stage further. I would not only like to offer more training places myself to students, but would also like to extend the scheme to other potters by offering them a student with funding in return for training.

You can help and get involved by:
• Donating by direct monthly payment
• Making a one off payment
• Helping us raise funds

Short film of Lisa explaining the work of Adopt a Potter



Adopt A Potter