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Florian Gadsby

Florian was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in 1992. He then moved to London attending a Rudolf Steiner School where Arts and Crafts are considered as important as English and Maths. Clay was constantly used throughout his primary and secondary education and he continued ceramics as an examination subject where he received throwing tuition from potter Caroline Hughes.

     While studying, Florian took the opportunity to do a work placement at Leach Pottery in St. Ives, assisting Jack Doherty along with the other production throwers.

     Florian is also a dedicated draughtsman and graphic designer and has completed work experience at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, an advertising agency in London. In 2012 Florian was successful in obtaining a place on the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Ceramics Skills & Design Course. Upon finishing in 2014 he began his apprenticeship with Lisa Hammond.

Florian's Instagram page is here.

Past Apprentices

Elvira Brown

Originally from Kyrgyzstan I moved to the UK about twelve years ago. Although I had always been interested in art and design I had not had an opportunity to get involved with ceramics until I enrolled in a one morning a week course in pottery run by the Hammersmith and Fulham adult learning and skills service.

     After a couple of years in this course I realised I wanted to take my hobby a little further as the course taught only basic techniques. So I applied to and was accepted by the Kensington and Chelsea College for a full time course (BTEC level three national diploma in art and design). At the end of the year I had learnt a lot but still had a lot more to learn - I was thinking about another course when the opportunity to work for Lisa came up. It was the perfect next step for me, a break from the structured world of colleges and instead working day to day in a successful pottery.

     Working as an apprentice, not only did I learn new techniques and improve existing ones but also was able to see how the business side of the ceramics world works. Being there every day at the pottery I realised that strangely being a potter and running your own pottery is not just about the making of the pots. I loved my time at Maze Hill Pottery and it was a great experience for me. 

Darren Ellis

After first being introduced to clay on my foundation course at Dewsbury College, it was clear that the technical and practical aspects of the subject were where my interest lay.

     At The University of Wolverhampton I was free to pursue this, building a soda kiln and having the freedom to write my own briefs around throwing on scale and clay qualities. During my studies at Wolverhampton my research and volunteer work for courses and shows gave me the opportunity to meet Lisa Hammond.

     After several meetings, I was asked to do a few weeks work experience at Maze Hill Pottery; I know now that Lisa was testing me out to see if I would make a suitable apprentice in the future.  Here I worked alongside Lukas Moravec, her current apprentice. I was introduced immediately to kiln maintenance and setting up the annual Christmas show, often making the mistake of saying I could do something, then quickly having to figure it out before Lisa got back. I knew then this position would be ideal for me, a real practical approach to the practice and hopefully I would be useful to her too.

     Working with Lisa I learnt a phenomenal amount about the everyday workings of being a potter. I felt part of the business, not just someone there to clean up at the end of the day. From mixing the clay to firing the pots and from fixing burners to selling and sending the pots, the apprenticeship with Lisa was hard work but equally rewarding, giving me confidence to be successful in my own practice after I finished my two years.

My apprenticeship at Kigbeare was fantastic; I found it a real creative and supportive atmosphere. Maddy, Phil and Lisa were there to turn to when it came to my own practice. And I have now completed building my own wood fired kiln in the grounds of Kigbeare, which I fire from time to time when I visit the site from London, where I am now based.

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